Sunday, March 17, 2013

apology and reflection

It has been pointed out to me by several respondents (and by that same daughter who came home to visit) that Chris Brown is not a rapper (even if Wikipedia lists that as one of his genres -- what do I know? I don't listen to him much, let alone following his whole oeuvre). He is, apparently, a soul singer or R&B artist. I went and heard him out on a couple of songs: the lyrics remain awful, I would contend, and if he is an R&B artist, then Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, Bobby Bland, Aretha Franklin, Etta James -- well, they must be R&B gods. "I would Rather Go Blind," say, by Etta, is just in another category, vocally, lyrically, musically, etc.

But there I go. Face it, I was wrong. Not surprising.  I spoke of my post as "Some Ignorant Words...," etc.

Meanwhile, and not all that irrelevantly in this regard, I am mourning the recent death of my wonderful mother in law, Margaret Barone. She was a woman who taught with good will and dedication for more than three decades in as tough an inner-city school as you can imagine. That she  would simply not give up even on those students whom her colleagues  -- and in many cases the law -- wrote off as worthless makes her a hero in my eyes, and an exemplar, because, as my condemnation of Chris Brown, and even of Jay-Z may have made clear, the withholding of rash judgment is not something that comes to me, as it seems to have to the dear, late Marty, all that easily.

I have been out of town for eight days, out in the woods and, rather mercifully, away from the cyber-world meanwhile. I'll get back on track soon.

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